Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Here is one of our all time favorite movie themes. Great movie, fantastic music. We love spaghetti westerns, saw plenty of them while DH was in the Navy and we were stationed in Spain.

This first music video is from the movie when it came out in 1966. Sure takes us back.

This next one is fun.

These next two are of Ennio Morricone conducting two different orchestras.

Hope you enjoyed, we sure did and still do.

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Jeri Landers said...

What fun, You have a new blog! I have to tell you that I had such a crush on Eastwood after this movie came out. I still love this movie theme. I would love to suggest 2 more very haunting and beautiful movie themes, if you can find them: "Sophie's Choice" and the theme from "Out of Africa"