Friday, July 9, 2010

Gary Moore - The Prophet

Close your eyes or not as you listen to this piece.

Montreaux Jazz Festival


antigonum cajan said...

I avoid videos. If you have something relevant, pertinent to write/say, use pictures or describe it...It works for this humble, read in five continents, one hundred countries blogger..

Joanne said...

Hi Flower Lady Thank you for sharing this wonderful music.
Thank you for your comment on my garden blog. I have not been doing much garden blogging of late too busy feeding my Looking at Lyme Disease blog and activism/awareness now that I have recovered so well from a living hell.

Paula said...

What a great blog!

Have a nice time!

tina said...

I enjoyed the song and am amazed at how such music can be created. My son is musically talented and keep trying to get me to figure it all out, not happening for me though:)

Tankene Ice Mist said...

What a great video.The music touched me in a deep way.This musician sounds alot like Roy Buchanen. Thanks. Terry ( alias Tankene Ice Mist)